Privacy Policy

StaffTAP and ISM Alliance
Dated February 1, 2014
This policy is effective immediately and shall remain in effect until revised or rescinded.

Welcome to our website. We have invested a great deal of our time and resources to develop and publish a first rate restaurant management software program that we hope you will subscribe to and utilize in your restaurants just like we have in ours.

We have also developed and published the website, that you are presently visiting. This website is full of information about our product. We hope you feel that this information is presented in a relevant and enjoyable manner.

We share a lot about ourselves with you. During the introduction process, we occasionally ask you to share some information about yourself.

We make it clear when we ask you to share this information by inviting you to type data into a dialogue box on the web page you are visiting.

The information that you provide, such as your email address, your name, business address, the number of employees working with you, the number and types of restaurants that you operate will be requested so that we can explain the features in our product that we feel will be of interest to people like you. Hopefully we will earn your trust and you will create an account password and share credit card information so that we can finalize your subscription. All of the information we invite you to share with us will remain private, just between our company and you. We will not share this information with any other organization unless we contact you specifically and ask for and receive your permission. Since we are not in the banking business, we have an agreement with a merchant bank to process your credit card and utilize your billing information. This information is shared only with them to process the financial transactions that you authorize. Information sharing is done via this website and transacted securely in what the industry calls a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards compliant transaction. You can learn more about PCI Security here

When you subscribe to our software and services, we will assist you in entering lots of employee and business information. All of your data will be held in confidence and protected with systems designed to keep others from inappropriately accessing this information. We will not share this information with any other organization unless we contact you specifically and ask for and receive your permission.

When you establish your account, you will be able to login to your account and change or update the information that you have entered on previous occasions.

We will revise and extend this privacy policy from time to time. Please return to our website and view the latest privacy policy if you are curious. If you have established an account with us, we will notify you of any changes to the privacy policy so that you have a chance to respond and provide your feedback to us if you do not care for the changes. We will notify you by email and US postal mail if we make any changes.

We care about you and respect your privacy. Please give us a chance; we will earn your trust!

As we mentioned earlier we have assembled a lot of information about ourselves, which we hope will be of interest to you. We spend lots of time evaluating our website and we like to see if we placed our most important information at a location where you can find it. To test this we may use third party analytical software, including but not limited to Google Analytics. Analytic software does not collect any of the personally identifiable information that we ask you to enter in the dialogue boxes but they do track the IP address from which your originated your visit to our website, the specific webpages that you visit and how long you remain there. We are in business to serve your needs and these analytics are crucial for us do develop an understanding of what you want, so that we can better serve you. If your browser sends us a "do not track signal" we will not be able to respond to this request.


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