"StaffTAP allows me to access important information at all my locations at any time. Whether I'm solving scheduling conflicts with employees or handling high level management issues with my key people, I can optimize my time and communicate direction with the tap of a finger. Time consuming phone calls, emailing and texting are almost eliminated as we do business in real time on our smartphones and tablets."

Joe Florentine,
and founder of ISM Alliance, Inc.
ISM Alliance has built the fastest, easiest to use, automated web-based mobile tool
to manage people working in Restaurants.
StaffTAP is an app that works on your mobile device.
  Schedule Employees
and Deploy Documentation
Manage Multiple Locations Connect with Your Employees
and Vendors
Imagine managing your operations from your Smart Phone or Tablet. Saving time, making decisions faster,
communicating to your entire organization with the tap of a finger - StaffTAP is that and more.
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